TVs, Electronics, and Appliances Junk Removal New Bedford Massachusetts

TV Junk Removal Service

You may have old TVs in your home because you like having the most up-to-date electronics. If you cannot sell your old TVs or other electronics, we can help. Junk Haulers can lift old heavy and broken TVs. Our TV junk removal services include pick-up and haul-away. We take any old TVs to local e-friendly recycling centers.

If you live in New Bedford and have been searching for “junk removal near me,” you can contact us! Call to set up a pick-up for your old junk TV or other electronics seven days a week. Fill out the online request form to get a free quote if you have more than one electronic item that needs removal. We will be happy to dispose of old TVs or other electronics for you safely!

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    Appliances Junk Removal Service New Bedford MA

    old dishwasher removal New Bedford ma

    Whenever you get new household appliances, getting rid of your old ones can be tricky. Junk Haulers will remove all types of old appliances and offer same-day pick-up seven days a week. Our staff has the right tools and knows how to detach all appliances, whether gas or electric, safely and effectively. We take the junk appliances to a nearby facility to recycle or dispose of, depending on the type of item.

    Some appliances we offer junk removal service for include:

    • Washing Machine Removal
    • Dryer Removal
    • Dishwasher Removal
    • Oven and Stove Removal 
    • Microwave Removal
    • Compressor Removal
    • HVAC Unit Removal
    • Any Junk Appliances with Freon
    • And Any Other Old Appliances

    If your home needs removal services for any old junk appliances, schedule a haul away appointment with us! You can call us or fill out the online form to get a free quote. We look forward to assisting you.

    Refrigerator Removal New Bedford Massachusetts

    Refrigerators, one of the larger household appliances, require professional junk removal services. We will come to your home, pick up, and haul away your old refrigerator to an eco-friendly disposal center.

    If your home or business in New Bedford, MA, needs refrigerator removal, contact Junk Haulers today. Give us a call or submit the online form to set up a pick-up for your old refrigerator or other junk appliances.

    old fridge removal New Bedford ma

    Electronics Junk Removal Service New Bedford MA

    Old electronics need proper disposal because they pose environmental threats that can lead to fines. Junk Haulers will pick up and haul your electronics to an e-waste facility for recycling. Our local junk removal company offers safe electronics removal services. We remove junk electronics across the south coast region of Massachusetts. Our haulers consciously practice environmentally friendly disposal and recycling practices.

    Contact us to schedule a junk removal pick-up today for your old electronics! Call us or fill out our online form for a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Window AC Removal New Bedford MA

    Sometimes window air conditioners stop working, and buying a new one may be more cost-effective. Old window air conditioners can weigh a lot and can not go out with regular garbage. Old window ACs and other appliances may contain freon, which poses a risk to the environment. Any old appliances with freon require specific disposal methods. Our local junk removal company will pick up and haul away old window AC units. Junk Haulers will take your window air conditioner to an eco-friendly facility for recycling.

    If you have a large window AC unit that needs removal, contact us today by calling or submitting our online form!