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    Junk Removal New Bedford MA

    Sometimes the saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” does not apply, and you cannot give some things away. Our company understands the importance of junk removal. Junk Haulers will pick up and haul away your junk in New Bedford and surrounding areas.

    Junk Haulers South Coast MA will remove any unwanted large items in your home or business! If you have an eyesore on your hands, we provide local junk removal across the south coast region of MA. We offer same-day junk pick-ups with single-item pickups starting at only $75!

    You may be renovating your house or purging and now have junk you cannot resell or donate. Call us, and we can get rid of your old items by safely disposing or recycling them. We offer same-day junk removal and will quickly haul away any items to help you declutter. Click on the button to get a free quote for any junk pick-up service.

    If you live in New Bedford and have been searching for “junk removal near me,” Junk Haulers can help clear out your space. Our haul away service offers appliance and furniture removal, and we even pick up old cars and tires. We also pick up electronics, scrap metal, mattresses, and bed frames. If you have been cleaning up your backyard, we offer outdoor junk pick-up services. Junk Haulers will remove old sheds, swing sets, mowers, fences, debris, and pallets.

    Our local junk removal starts at $75 per single item, and we also haul away larger loads in our 16’ box truck. We offer ¼, ½, and full load junk pick-ups to help you clear out your property.

    junk removal New Bedford ma

    Best Local South Coast Junk Removal Company in Massachusetts

    Junk Haulers offers fast and friendly pick-up services across the south coast of Massachusetts. For years, we have been providing expert junk removal services to our customers. Our staff performs quick junk pick-ups and efficient haul-away services. We offer same-day junk services seven days a week. Our dedication to customers makes us the best local junk removal company.

    If you want to clear out some junk, call us to schedule a pick-up! You can also fill out the form to get a free quote for junk removal! We look forward to serving you across the south coast!

    Junk Haul Away Services – Fast Service & Best Prices

    house junk removal new Bedford ma

    Junk Haulers will remove all of your junk in New Bedford or surrounding towns. Our junk haul-away service offers same-day pick-up starting only at $75! Pricing for services includes disposal and labor fees. We provide high-quality junk removal services at an affordable rate. We also offer discounts for multiple items so fill us up!

    Additional Junk Items Hauling

    Car Tire Removal

    Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis

    Wooden Swing Set Removal

    Wooden Shed Removal

    Furniture Removal New Bedford Massachusetts

    Old furniture takes up space, becomes a sight for sore eyes, and may not be repairable due to age or pet damage. Sometimes, when you buy new furniture, you can pay a fee to get delivery and pick-up of your old furniture. However, the costs may be high, or the furniture company does not offer a removal service. You may be preparing to move or doing a house or estate cleanout.

    No matter the situation, you may find yourself stuck with furniture you have no idea how to remove. Many garbage haulers will not take large furniture. For junk furniture removal and disposal, you need a big enough truck and a proper recycling site. If you find yourself struggling with old furniture removal in your New Bedford home, Junk Haulers can help.

    old couch removal New Bedford ma

    Our furniture removal team will come with the right tools and truck to pick up your junk furniture. We haul away your old furniture to a nearby recycling site. Junk Haulers can handle any shape or size of old furniture and haul it away for you. Contact us to schedule a furniture removal service in New Bedford. Give us a call or fill out the online form for a free quote. Our staff works seven days a week and can set up a hauling service that accommodates you.

    Some examples of items Junk Haulers furniture removal services include:

    • Box Spring and Mattress Removal
    • Couch, Sectional, and Sofa Removal
    • Office Furniture Removal
    • Armoire and Dresser Removal
    • Table and Chair Furniture Removal
    • Any Other Old Junk Furniture


    Appliance Removal New Bedford MA

    old fridge removal New Bedford ma

    You may have an old appliance sitting in your New Bedford home that no longer works, and you can not repair it. When purchasing new appliances, some companies do not offer old appliance removal. Having a large junk appliance takes up too much space and will need correct disposal. Junk Haulers can come and remove any old appliances in your home.

    We specialize in appliance removal and can disconnect electric or gas appliances quickly and safely. Our haul away service removes old junk appliances. We take junk appliances to nearby recycling or eco-friendly disposal centers.

    Some appliance removal services we offer include:

    • Air Conditioner Removal
    • Refrigerator Removal
    • Washer and Dryer Removal
    • Gas and Electric Oven Removal
    • Gas and Electric Stovetop Removal
    • Water Heater Removal
    • Furnace Removal
    • Dishwasher Removal
    • Microwave Removal

    Our junk removal staff can haul away any old appliance you no longer use or need and give you space back in your house. Call us to schedule an appointment for appliance removal. For a free estimate, submit the online form, and Junk Haulers will get back to you with prices!

    Junk Car Removal New Bedford MA

    Junk Haulers offers car and junk tire removal for vehicles sitting on your property. If you have a car that no longer runs and can not sell, don’t worry, we can come to pick up the old clunker! Our junk car removal service will be quick and easy. We then haul away your old car to a junkyard for recycling and disposal.

    Old, neglected cars harm the environment. A junk car sitting outdoors can create other problems. Insects, mice, squirrels, and other rodents can infest the junk car and pose health risks. By calling us to schedule car removal, we can get the car to the proper place and take the problem off your hands. Submit the online form for a free quote for junk car or tire removal.

    Demolition and Construction Debris Removal New Bedford MA

    Your home in New Bedford may have recently undergone renovations or a remodel, and you now have a mess. Junk Haulers offers demolition and construction debris removal from any finished construction jobs. Our haul away service takes debris to an eco-friendly waste facility.

    Our junk pick-up service includes some of the following:

    • Wood
    • Steel
    • Concrete 
    • Windows
    • Drywall or Sheetrock
    • Old Paint
    • Wall or Wall Coverings
    • Flooring
    • Roofing
    • Metal
    • Tiles

    For construction debris removal in New Bedford, contact us. Call Junk Haulers to schedule a pick-up or fill out the online form for a free quote.

    Mattress Removal & Box Spring Removal Services New Bedford MA

    old mattress removal New Bedford ma

    A new mattress improves your sleep, but what do you do with the old one if it has no life left? Some furniture companies will remove your old mattress or box spring for a fee when purchasing a new set. If you still have your old bed or box spring, you need to figure out what to do with it. Both items take up a bit of space, but Junk Haulers can help with our mattress and box spring removal services.

    Our junk experts do the heavy lifting as part of our box spring and mattress removal services. We haul your old furniture away to an environmentally friendly facility. You do not need to worry about lugging an old bed to get it out of your house in New Bedford, MA. Get a free quote by filling out the online form or call us to schedule a junk pick-up service.

    Shed Removal, Swing Sets Removal, & Fence Removal New Bedford Massachusetts

    You may have structures on your property like sheds, fences, or swing sets that age or take up space. You may have plans to replace the outdoor items, but sheds or fences ready to fall can pose safety risks. We offer shed, swing set, and fence removal services but do not perform the demolition.

    Our shed removal services cover all types of sheds. Junk Haulers’ team of experts will come and remove the shed from your property. Before the shed removal appointment, we ask that you clear out and break down the shed. You can keep what you need and let us haul away any old junk that you don’t need from the demolition.

    Over time, yards and kids outgrow playsets and swing sets, and they sit neglected and age. We offer swing set and playset removal services to New Bedford and surrounding areas. We ask that you dismantle and dig out the swing set before arranging a junk pick-up. Junk Haulers will complete the haul-away service in one appointment. After the playset or swing set removal, we dispose of the items to an eco-friendly facility.

    outdoor furniture removal New Bedford ma

    Junk Haulers can easily remove any old fencing on your property. We will haul away any fallen fences that pose a danger or pieces you plan on replacing. Our junk pick-up service takes all types of fences, including chain link, vinyl, PVC, aluminum, and wood. Fences can be heavy, but you do not pay by weight; you pay by space with our fence removal service. Scheduling a local junk pick-up for old fencing saves you money, time, and worry. Our haulers will remove the old fence quickly and then dispose of it responsibly.

    If you need junk removal services for an old shed, outdated swing set, or fencing in your backyard, contact us! We also pick up and haul away old above-ground swimming pools, jacuzzis, and decks in New Bedford. Call Junk Haulers to set up an appointment or fill out our online form for a free quote.

    Haul Away Service for Donations & Charity

    Junk Haulers offers responsible and green junk removal services to our customers. We recycle, repurpose, and safely dispose of items that we haul away. Sometimes, your junk may be salvageable and can be a charitable contribution. You may have old furniture or appliances you can donate to a charity but have trouble getting a pick-up. Sometimes, local charities will not pick up large items for donations. Posting “free items” on social media sites may lead to privacy issues or danger. Junk Haulers has been providing local junk removal to the South Coast of MA for years. You can trust our junk removal company and our team of professional and friendly haulers.

    If you need any donation haul away services near New Bedford, we can pick up your items. Junk Haulers will examine items after a pick-up service. With furniture or appliance removal, we determine the best course of action for the items. If the haul has salvageable items, we will take them to a charity and donate them. Our local junk removal company acts responsibly and recycles any junk we can. We work with numerous centers to dispose of items in an eco-friendly manner.

    For donation and charity haul-away services, contact us to schedule an appointment. You can call us or fill out the online form to get a free estimate.

    Full Cleanout Services-Garage Cleanouts and Basement Cleanouts

    Junk Haulers can do full cleanout services for your home and structures on your property. If you have a cluttered garage and want only your cars in there, we perform garage cleanouts. Basements can also eventually become overrun with junk. Our staff can come and help you with a basement cleanout to clear out any clutter that gets to be unbearable. We also can clear out attics, sheds, and any other areas of your property.

    After garage or basement cleanouts, we separate the junk and haul it away to eco-friendly facilities. We recycle and repurpose everything we can. A full cleanout helps you get a clean slate, and you can trust us to complete the job.

    To discuss a full cleanout service of your basement or garage, call Junk Haulers today! To get a free estimate, fill out our online form, and we will get back to you! We look forward to assisting you and helping you clean out any clutter!

    Estate Cleanout Services New Bedford MA

    You may have recently inherited property in New Bedford. We offer estate cleanout services to help clear out houses. Our cleanout services help you dispose of old belongings and clear out the estate. You may feel overwhelmed with grief and all of the items that need disposal. Junk Haulers can help you get through the house clutter with our estate cleanout services.

    Our haulers handle all appliance and junk furniture removal professionally and discreetly. We will haul away any junk for disposal and recycling to the appropriate facilities. We can transport items you want to keep to nearby locations.

    If you need help cleaning out a hoarder’s house or an estate, contact Junk Haulers. Give us a call or submit our online form to get a free quote for your junk removal needs. We will be more than happy to assist you!

    TV Removal and Large Console Removal New Bedford

    old tv removal New Bedford ma

    Technology changes so fast. Keeping up-to-date with electronics, especially TVs, can be challenging. You may have a large console and junk TV that you no longer want. We offer TV and large console removal services for old junk TVs and oversized furniture. Junk Haulers will haul away your items to an electronics recycling center for eco-friendly disposal. We also will pick up and haul away old junk furniture like entertainment centers.

    For junk TV removal or any furniture haul away services, call Junk Haulers today to arrange a pick-up. For a free estimate on TV or furniture removal, complete the online form, and we will get back to you. We look forward to serving you and safely disposing of your old electronics!

    Tire Removal New Bedford MA

    We offer affordable tire removal services to New Bedford and surrounding towns. We will come to pick up any old junk tires on your property and take them to a recycling center. Junk Haulers charges $15 for one car tire or $40 for four. We also haul away larger junk tires, and you can submit the online form to get a free estimate.

    Call us or fill out the form to schedule tire removal in New Bedford. We look forward to providing you with fast pickup and reliable tire removal.

    Scrap Metal Removal

    You may have scrap metal sitting around from a home renovation or old appliances and need to dispose of it. Often, local garbage haulers will not take scrap metal, but you can contact Junk Haulers. We offer scrap metal removal services to pick up any scrap metal on your property and drop it off for recycling.

    If you need scrap metal removal in New Bedford or nearby towns, call us to set up a quick and effortless pick-up. To get a free quote for scrap metal removal, fill out our online form, and we will get back to you. We will work with you to provide a convenient and affordable haul away.

    junk metal removal New Bedford ma

    Why Choose Us?

    Junk Haulers offers same-day junk removal services and cleanout services. Our local junk removal company has environmentally-conscious practices. We practice responsible disposal and recycling. Junk Haulers gives you fast and affordable removal services for any items you no longer need or want.

    If you live near New Bedford and have clutter you can no longer take, you can stop searching for “junk removal near me.” Contact us today by calling or get a free quote through our online form.

    Areas We Service for Junk Removal

    If you live near the South Coast of MA and need same-day junk removal or haul away services, contact us to receive a free estimate! Some towns we service include:

    Junk Removal New Bedford, MA

    Junk Removal Taunton, MA

    Junk Removal Fall River, MA

    Junk Removal Acushnet, MA

    Junk Removal Dartmouth, MA

    Junk Removal Mattapoisett, MA

    Junk Removal Rochester, MA

    Junk Removal Freetown, MA

    Junk Removal Marion, MA

    Junk Removal Wareham, MA

    Junk Removal Swansea, MA

    Junk Removal Somerset, MA

    Junk Removal Lakeville, MA

    Junk Removal Berkeley, MA

    Junk Removal Myricks, MA

    Junk Removal Dighton, MA

    Junk Removal Rehobeth, MA

    Junk Removal Oakland, MA

    Junk Removal Carver, MA

    Junk Removal Bourne, MA


    What is Junk Removal?

    If you're not familiar with what junk removal is, it's a service that assists homeowners in getting rid of any unwanted garbage or trash from their property. This includes old furniture, appliances both big and small, mattresses, bicycles, etc.

    Who does Junk Removal?

    Junk removal is a service provided by specialized junk removal experts. Lucky for you, you've already landed yourself on the website of one of the most efficient Junk Removal Companies New Bedford has to offer!

    How does Junk Removal work?

    Most junk removal companies will offer you two options for removing your junk; truck hauling and dumpster rental. Truck hauling is simple and straightforward, where the junk removal company shows up at the location in question with a large dumpster truck, loads the junk into it, and drives off as soon as they're done. Dumpster rental is when the junk removal company rents the homeowner a dumpster which they can fill at their own pace, and picks it up once they've finished.

    Should I tip for Junk Removal?

    As with any other job of this sort, tips are always greatly appreciated. So if you're happy with the service provided to you, a tip of between 10% and 20% is a very kind gesture.